Lasting Purchases

Lasting Purchase

Peony Study Print $20 / Seascape Print $20 / Signet Ring $108

I have been guilty of emotional shopping. That sounds like I’m introducing myself at a support group, but it really can be a problem! When you buy items just because you’re bored or they are on sale, it’s likely they won’t get much use because you didn’t really love them to begin with, and that’s just so sad right? To fight this, I’ve started practicing waiting a few days before checking out to make sure the item is still on my mind, and it works!

When you decide to make a purchase, it should be because you have a special place for the item in your life, and it makes you happy. The art prints featured above fit into our gallery wall exactly as I had envisioned, and you can’t beat that price. I had been looking into signet rings for weeks before deciding on the Sarah Chloe one, and because it’s personalized with my initials it feels extra special. I always hate looking back on purchases I regret, so it’s nice to remember the ones that are lasting.

What are some lasting purchases you have made?


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