Skincare Investments

Skincare Investments

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I’ve always thought that I would happily age gracefully, embracing my wrinkles as expressions of a life full of laughter. So romantic, right? My approach to makeup and skincare was similarly blasé: the only skincare product I used was face wash, and I never understood why anyone would spend $50 on a product that could be purchased for a fraction of the price at a drugstore. Then one day I woke up with a wrinkle and that completely naive outlook changed dramatically. Let’s face it, at some point you need to start investing in your skin.

I consider myself very lucky to have friends that are obsessed with beauty products and try every sample they can get their hands on – they get to do all the work, and I get the recommendations. The above products have been recommended to me numerous times, and once *the wrinkle* happened, I too became totally obsessed. Doing these five steps daily makes my skin feel soft, nourished, and radiant. Happy skin is worth every penny.


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