Six Clicks – Week of June 15

Six Clicks 6/16/15

1. Love this home tour of a San Francisco, Pacific Heights apartment. Great inspiration for renters.

2. Perfect summer hat for only $15.

3. Happy to jump on the suede trend with this adorable light blue top.

4. Remember this post where I obsessed over Gray Malin’s amazing jet-setting photography? He just put out a line of fun beach towels with his photos.

5. This barn in the English countryside was converted into the most charming guest cottage. Click the links to see the beautiful interior, full of bookshelves and heirlooms. I can’t stop daydreaming of a weekend away here. {original UK House and Garden post here}

6. This hydration mask is SO AMAZING I almost wanted to give it its own post. You know how your skin looks and feels when you’re well-rested, have a great work out, do some yoga and meditation, and drink lots of water? That’s what this does. I’ve been using it a few times a week and can see major changes – it makes my skin glow, feel so soft and hydrated, and diminishes fine lines. You can pick it up at Target or Ulta for only $15, which is just insane.


Six Clicks – Week of June 8

Daily Joys
  1. On the tippity top of my wishlist, this marble cheese dome will be great for displaying both cheeses and baked goods.
  2. I purchased this dress during a 40% off sale last week and it is the most comfortable and flattering thing ever. Ruching perfection.
  3. Beautiful little article on pursuing the small, happy life.
  4. Blueberries are everywhere, which is so wonderful. I had extras last week and made this blueberry lemon muffin cake. It is absolutely delicious, and so so easy to make. I look forward to adding strawberries next time (and maybe chocolate chips the next…).
  5. Love this print; playing on the French phrase that celebrates the joy of life.
  6. Perfect for your next picnic – not only cute, this S’well bottle will keep a beverage cold for 24 hours or hot for 12.

Skincare Investments

Skincare Investments

Step 1 / Step 2 / Step 3 / Step 4 / Step 5

I’ve always thought that I would happily age gracefully, embracing my wrinkles as expressions of a life full of laughter. So romantic, right? My approach to makeup and skincare was similarly blasé: the only skincare product I used was face wash, and I never understood why anyone would spend $50 on a product that could be purchased for a fraction of the price at a drugstore. Then one day I woke up with a wrinkle and that completely naive outlook changed dramatically. Let’s face it, at some point you need to start investing in your skin.

I consider myself very lucky to have friends that are obsessed with beauty products and try every sample they can get their hands on – they get to do all the work, and I get the recommendations. The above products have been recommended to me numerous times, and once *the wrinkle* happened, I too became totally obsessed. Doing these five steps daily makes my skin feel soft, nourished, and radiant. Happy skin is worth every penny.

Nail Favorites

Nail Favorites

I have saved SO much money by giving myself my own manicures my whole life – to the point where I can’t even rationalize spending money on something I can do myself pretty well and pretty quickly (practice makes perfect!). I can also be very indecisive and like to change my colors at least once a week, which would add up quickly. The above are my go-to colors and while I like to stick with the classic pinks and reds, Bikini-so-teeny is such a fun and trendy blue to throw on. I consider nails a vital accessory and feel completely naked and uncomfortable with them bare, do you have the same problem??

Emily has a great post on her steps for mastering a 10-minute manicure at home, and nail tips from an expert, so you can get the pro-look for less too.