Friday Musings – 6/26/2015

Friday Musings - 6/24/15

1) What a truly amazing day! Today’s Supreme Court ruling gave same-sex couples the right to marry in all 50 states. I am very proud and excited to celebrate here in San Francisco, where this decision coincides with Pride weekend!

2) Do you ever find yourself spending an exorbitant amount of time making clothing-related decisions? Do I need this? Which color do I like? Which would I wear more? While thinking about these questions make a smart shopper, I’m definitely past the point of reasonable questions and have been staring at these two sneakers for the last hour trying to decide which one I NEED. I’ve been looking for a new pair of every-day sneakers for a while and these Brooks ones (on sale!) have majorly caught my eye with the adorable colors and retro style (and I’m pretty partial to having “Brooks,” my name, written on it..).

Help me decide pretty please! Pink or blue ?? 

3) I love my white jeans. LOVE. Unfortunately (and I’m not ashamed to admit) I can be quite clumsy / absentminded at times, and my white jeans bear the brunt of it. I am far from a laundry-aficionado and really appreciate Madewell’s seven tips for taking care of white jeans.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Weekend Reflections

Summer Afternoons

I just love that Henry James quote, don’t you?

I celebrated my birthday on Sunday with friends at Tomales Bay Oyster Company. It’s the perfect place to sip champagne, shuck oysters, BBQ, relax, and enjoy the natural beauty of West Marin. Simply stunning. It was my first time to an oyster farm, and definitely won’t be my last.

I was also pretty excited to finally embrace the overall trend I’ve been coveting (post here). I try to only buy quality, classic pieces – which overalls are not. So I was thrilled when I found these at Target, on clearance, for under $20, and could finally jump on the bandwagon without any guilt.

{print from Social Proper}

Gray Milan

Gray Milan

Gray Milan’s photography is just the best, isn’t it? I’ve been gushing over his work for months wishing I could have it on every wall of my home and office – being instantly transported on some great adventure every time I look at it. Unfortunately, starting at around $300 for an 11×17 print, this dream isn’t attainable. Which is why I was SO excited when I saw Gray Milan’s Lisbon Umbrella photo plastered on a Sperry shoe! These are too perfect for any beach / vacation / boating experience, and at just $70 I can pretend I’m a jet-setting art collector with the rest of them. Sperry Shoes / IPhone Cases